The Darkness Presets

Not for the faint-hearted, this collection of twelve Presets is designed to give your images more than just a romantic make-over. This is a chance to imbue them with a sense of uncertainty, strangeness, or just plain menace.

Not all darkness hides in shadows. Like something from an old story long-forgotten, your subjects can become dreamlike, moody, or pale. As if emerging from the gloom of dense trees or cold cave-light, you’ll get the feeling that the unexpected could happen any minute.

This collection uses highlights and varying types of contrast and color-balance to unsettle the viewer. And the black and white Presets will remind you of old photos that you shouldn’t have found in the attic.

Awakening spirits of years past, this collection will set a spooky tone and get your adrenaline flowing.

Collections: Lightroom Presets

Type: Presets