10 Photography Instagram Accounts to Inspire You

February 14, 2018

10 Photography Instagram Accounts to Inspire You

With more than 5 million pictures being uploaded every hour, Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing platform in the world full of great images and videos. Since the social network counts just over 150 million active users a day, it’s no wonder that this kind platform attracts lots of brands and businesses. However, even some of the best artists and business owners run out of ideas to create something unique and amazing constantly.

Luckily for us, Instagram is not only for sharing our own content but also a great place to find some inspiration when you are out of ideas.Here is a list of some fantastic Instagram accounts that share amazing content. They are photographers, artists, travelers and more 

1. Humans of New York  

Humans of New York was a photography project started in 2010. The first goal was to photograph 10.000 people on the New York streets. Along the way, Brandon Stanton, the owner of this project started not only taking pictures but also interviewing the subjects he photographed. His follower count is now just over 7 million on Instagram.

2. Happy Mundane

Jonathan Lo seeks to find beauty in the most mundane things like walls, stairs, plants, sidewalks and turns them into beautiful photos. He also likes capturing beautiful geometric shapes and lines. He constantly reminds us to look at the world in different ways.

3. Melissa Rodwell 

Melissa has shot now for over 25 years and in fact one of the photographers I have followed for nearly my entire time since starting in the industry. Melissa has worked with major clients such as Dell Computers, Cover Girl, Warner Brothers Music, Coca Cola + Major publications like Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone Magazine and more. Her work ranges from fashion, Beauty, commercial and other inspirational gorgeous images to check out.

 4. Dirk Bakker

Dirk Bakker is a photographer and graphic designer from Amsterdam. With his unique eye for architectural patterns, Dirk makes incredible pictures with his iPhone. He is in love with lines, shapes, and patterns. And you can see this influence in almost all of his work.

                                                                                                                                                                                           5. Girleatworld 

Girleatworld is a unique project. Mel is a traveler, food lover and blogger. She travels around the world, tries different local foods and then writes about it on her blog. And she always takes a picture from those beautiful places she visits with various foods in her hand.

 6. Murad Osmann Murad Osmann is a music video producer who gained a massive following on Instagram by taking beautiful pictures from places around the world with the girlfriend leading him by her hand. He already has more than 4.5 million followers. .

                                                                                                                                    7. ChrisBurkard

Chris Burkard is an American self-taught artist and a photographer who travels to remote, risky and often icy places like Alaska, Norway or Iceland. Capturing beautiful scenery with amazing composition.

8. Desiree Mattsson 

Published in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, Desiree’s work is bold and sharp with vibrant colors, a mix of beauty, fashion & portraits. All so unique and intriguing. If you want to seek inspiration in any of these genres, her account will do just that!


                                                                                                                            9. Asa Sjostrom

Asa Sjostrom is a Sweden-based award-winning documentary photographer. She mainly focuses on social issues like equal human rights, especially if it is related to women and children. She shows this through her touching photos on Instagram.

10. Konsta Punkka 

Having admired Konstas work for quite some time, hes recently hit the 1million mark on instagram. Creating some of the most beautiful, unique and carefully crafted moody images of vast landscapes and wildlife close-ups. Another wonderful inspiration

Well, that’s the list for now! There is, of course, many other talents that I would love to mention but I would be writing forever , Hope you enjoyed and were able to draw some inspiration from some or all of these artists

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